Destination VISA

Fernandex keys Travels does not issue VISA;we only assist in the processing of getting a VISA; and Decision in issuing of VISAS are made by the embassy concerned

Advice for customers who are applying for visa assistance at different embassies Please ensure you have all your supporting documents ready before proceeding ahead to contact us, If you submit any false or misleading information, or false supporting documentation in your visa application, it may result in the refusal of your application without the right of appeal. Fernandex Keys Travels does not associate itself with false interpretation by intended visa applicants

In general, an applicant may be refused a visa if he or she does not meet the requirements for admission or entry under that country's immigration laws. More specifically, a visa may be denied or refused when the applicant:

  • Has committed fraud, deception or misrepresentation in his or her current application as well as in a previous application
  • Has obtained a criminal record, has been arrested, or has criminal charges pending
  • Is considered to be a threat to national security
  • Does not have a good moral character
  • Had their previous visa application(s) or application for immigration benefits refused and cannot prove that the reasons for the previous refusals no longer exist or are not applicable any more (even if the refusals didn't previously happen in the country the applicant is seeking a visa for)
  • Fails to demonstrate intent to return (for non-immigrants)
  • Fails to provide sufficient evidence/documents to prove eligibility for the visa sought after
  • Does not have a legitimate reason for the journey
  • Does not have adequate means of financial support for themselves or family
  • Does not have adequate medical insurance, especially if engaging in high risk activities (e.g. rock climbing, skiing, etc)
  • Does not have travel arrangements (i.e. transport and lodging) in the destination country
  • Does not have health/travel insurance valid for the destination and the duration of stay
  • Has a sexually transmitted disease

PAYMENT PROCEDURES Fernandex Keys Travels, does not accept payment details through any socialmedia plattforms, payment are made through credit cards and information regarding all payments are sent by phone sms(s) and emails protected by password codes issued by us.
Please be aware that the degrees of travel risk in each country varies and that natural disasters could coincide with your travel itinerary. You are therefore urged to take all necessary precautions, and measures as well as heed to announcements by relevant authorities. Fernandex Keys Travels will not be held responsible for the injuries suffered, nor loss or damage that may arise out of travel to places of risk. We will not be held to responsible for acts of God, force majeure, acts of government or authority that might impede your travel.

Fernandex Keys Travels, its subsidiaries, agents, partners do not represent that the dissemination of information through our website would be accurate. We would take all responsible steps to transmit up to date information on this website but would not be held responsible for errors on pages on hotels information on hotel’s related operational services, booking prices, hotel ratings, products and packages. We will take all responsible steps to correct errors made on pricing list and reservation made based on those errors. The choice for opting for any of these products and services contained on this website are yours and Fernandex Keys Travels is not obliged and does not represent or make recommendations of products and services but we give professional advice when it deem necessary to do so.

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