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Fernandex Keys Travels is a Nigeria-Spanish traveling agent registered in Burkinafaso, which specialises in providing good value, quality holidays alongside excellent customer service. We understand that everyone likes easy and affordable travel services, our strategic relationships with Travel Partners ensure that we offer the best travel deals to our customers, every time. We have over 15 years of experience to provide you, our customers, with uncompromising levels of service and flexibility. We pride ourselves in our vast experience and ensure to provide the best service to our customers by meeting their requirements.


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To beĀ our customersā€™indispensable and trusted travel companion. To constantly excite them with travel deals, packages and services that are unobtainable elsewhere.

Fernandex Keys Travels endeavours to meet travel related needs through high quality, comprehensive, and cost-effective services keeping in mind the needs and comforts of the customers.